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Papageienpark-Bochum - Parrot Park Bochum - Shop24
Papageienpark-Bochum - Parrot Park Bochum - Shop24
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Your loyalty will be rewarded

When you buy products at Parrot Park Shop24 you can collect "BONUS Points". You can use these bonus points as a means of payment for your future orders. So you are worth cash and reward your loyalty! The number of points earnd depends on the value of goods purchased and is credited to registered customers in your customer account.

For guest customers and customers who choose to log in with Amazon, these bonus points can not be assigned because a customer account is required to credit your loyalty points and such an account is not set up in the order forms just described.
  • Your points expire after six months and can be redeemed within this period on your next online purchase..
  • You can not redeem the bonus points using the express payment methods Paypal Express and Amazon Payments from the shopping cart but only by clicking the [to shipping] button in the shopping cart on the payments methods selection pages.
  • In addition, you can earn points when you write a review of purchased products.
  • Purchasing at the Parrot Park in Bochum is also possible. For this, it is absolutely necessary that you bring a printout of your point account or an expression of the last e-mail with info about your bonus point account for your offline purchase with to Bochum! Without this expression, bonus points purchased online can NOT be redeemed.


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