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Hanging toy game rope tower 30cm
Hanging toy game rope tower 30cm
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Quality by Heike Mundt
Quality by Heike Mundt
Parrot plays intelligence toy
Safe SLL connection
For smartphon & tabletts
Auxiliary animal feed
Products for optimized nutrition
Auxiliary animal feed

Optimal means for fodder addition with birds

  • with drinking water additive with iodine among other things --> AVIx Bird Builder
  • with essential fat eras, Kartotin, vitamin E --> AVIx Sunshine Factor
  • to the support of the immune system --> AVIx booster

This animal feed auxiliary series basedly on scientific realizations and is the best for your animal.


AVIx/HEALx Booster® Concentrate
AVIx/HEALx Booster® Concentrate
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21,35 EUR
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Weight: 0.03 Kg
1-10 days
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