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Quality by Heike Mundt
Quality by Heike Mundt
Parrot plays intelligence toy
Safe SLL connection
For smartphon & tabletts

Over 30 years fondly parrot keeping, breeding and care!

Bast net filled 30 x 30cm  29,15 EURF10SC Desinfectant 100ml - concentrate  19,45 EURF10SCXD Desinfectant + cleaning 100ml - concentrate  19,45 EURSmall package (450 g) Harrison Power Treats  11,48 EURBactazol 500ml desinfection  12,66 EURBIRD-BAG - high-grade steel - Small Gold with reflectorstripes  193,98 EURBIRD-BAG - stainless steel wire mesh - Medium Gold  242,72 EURPALMgloss incl. red palmoil 100ml  19,53 EURF10 Wipes  12,62 EURF10SC Desinfectant spray 1000ml  19,45 EURVisit in the flight aviaries & parrots petting from  75,00 EUR

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*) Does not apply to phone orders or orders by e-mail, only within Germany and excluding cages and aviaries!