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Table toy luffa bird 10cm
Table toy luffa bird 10cm
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Quality by Heike Mundt
Quality by Heike Mundt
Parrot plays intelligence toy
Safe SLL connection
For smartphon & tabletts

Over 30 years fondly parrot keeping, breeding and care!

Small package (450 g) Harrison Power Treats  11,70 EURBIRD-BAG - high-grade steel - Small Gold with reflectorstripes  199,00 EURVisit in the flight aviaries & parrots petting from  75,00 EURPALMgloss incl. red palmoil 100ml  19,90 EURParrots and parakeets bathtub - small  39,90 EURBactazol 500ml desinfection  12,99 EURBast net small - braided - 29 x 29 cm  14,95 EURBast bag - braided - 9 x 39 cm  12,95 EURRed Pepper - Parrot hanging toy  14,95 EURRed pepper swing  34,95 EURRed pepper triangle swing  14,95 EURRed pepper pearl swing  14,95 EURRed pepper pearl swing - smal instead  6,95 EUR only  4,86 EURRed pepper pearl ladder instead  7,95 EUR only  6,36 EURRed pepper swing - medium  5,95 EURShoulder cape with toy  19,95 EURArm guard  12,95 EURBast net xsmall - braided - 18 x 18 cm  12,95 EURRed Pepper Octopus - Parrot hanging toy  14,95 EURRed Pepper Spider - Parrot hanging toy  9,95 EURRed Pepper TT - Parrot hanging toy  4,95 EURCOUPON Parrot Cafe 14 Euro  from   14,00 EURRed pepper swing EXTRA  39,95 EURParrot and parakeet screw-on bathtub - small  34,90 EURNatural parrot and parakeet playground  19,95 EUR

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*) Does not apply to phone orders or orders by e-mail, only within Germany and excluding cages and aviaries!