Redemption of promotion coupons

Please add your desire articles of the approved goods category for the coupon into your shopping card. Consider the minimum order value - for example 50.00 EUR.

Booking of your coupon
In your shopping card please find on top an info box “Your vouchers”. Please insert your code accurate into the white input box next to "Cupon code".
and press button “Redeem”.

On a correct input the report appears: “Your coupon was successfully booked and will be redeemed automatically with your next order". Now please proceed to the cash box and elect your desire payment and dispatch method.

Consider validity
If the validity time is not reached yet or was exceeded you will receive those messages: “Your coupon is out of date.” or “Invalid Gift Voucher Code”.

Accounting of your assets
Your coupon assets are taken off from the order value if your inputs described above are made correctly if the coupon is already/still valid AND you exceed the coupon the minimum purchase order value - for example 50.00

EUR. Only in this case you find on the final page "Make an order:" ...
Sub-Total:  86.85 EUR (example purchase order value - must exceed the minimum purchase order value)
Discount Coupon: your coupon code: - 14.60 EUR
Table Rate : 4.95 EUR
ncl. MwSt. 19%:1,78 EUR

TOTAL: 59.20 EUR (=example rate)

If you do not exceed the minimum purchase order value NO credit is deducted from your order value. In this case please increase that valuie by adding further goods to your shopping card until you exceed the minimum purchase order value.