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Large package (2.27Kg) Pepper Lifetime Coarse Harrison food +BONLarge package (2.27Kg) Pepper Lifetime Coarse Harrison food +BONLarge package (2.27Kg) Pepper Lifetime Coarse Harrison food +BON

Large package (2.27Kg) Pepper Lifetime Coarse Harrison food +BON

Product No.: 101246
47,23 EUR
incl. 7 % Tax plus Shipping costs  Weight: 2.27 Kg
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Large package (2.27 Kg) - Pepper Lifetime Coarse - Harrison food.

For use in birds:
• as a flavorful alternative to Adult Lifetime Formula.
• that need help in diet conversion.
• that have been diagnosed with papillomatosis.
• as foraging treats.
• as a year-round nutritional requirements for healthy, non-breeding adult birds including pionus, Amazons, eclectus, large cockatoos, large macaws and other medium to large parrots.

In order to optimize the content of essential fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6), carotene and natural vitamin E we recommend mixing 450 g Harrison Bird Food with Palmgloss . Please pour 10 ml Palmgloss into the newly opened food bag. Mix well with a spoon until everything is evenly distributed.

Close the bag well after feeding and store it in the fridge. The food should be consumed within 6 – 8 weeks after opening.

For lories, please soak the food with 2 table spoons of fruit juice or lory nectar. Additionally, please feed Juvenile Formula as powder or mixed with water.

Included in delivery: 1 bag of food (450 g)
Suitable for: Amazons, Eclectus, Macaws, Cockatoos and birds of similar size
Purpose: Maintenance Formula for adult birds


In order to optimize the content of essential fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6), carotene and natural vitamin E we recommend to mix 450 g Harrison Bird Food with Palmglos (distributed separately). 

Additional information to this product:

With this nutrition is available after more than 10-year old development and research one balanced nutrition, which is adapted with their content at vitamins, mineral materials and trace elements optimally to the needs of the parrots and parakeets. The components of Dr. Harrisons nutrition come from controled cultivation.

Dr. Harrisons nutrition is manufactured in a particularly careful extruding procedure. Therefore the structure of the grains and their original color remain. Dr. Harrisons nutrition is characterised by a balanced relationship of protein, carbohydrate and fat content and is easily digestible. Therefore it is suitable also as diet for organically ill parrots or birds, whose metabolism is damaged.

Dr. Harrisons nutrition is enriched with vitamins and mineral materials, but:

· without pesticides
· without insecticides
· without herbicides
· without mushrooms and mushroom poisons
· without artificial coloring materials
· without artificial flavour materials
· without preservatives
· without antioxidants    

Hint: Read more about nutrition: click here>>
Hint: Hear & see more about nutrition:


For grey parrots as well as birds, wich breed, moult or are younger than 5 months we recommend Dr. Harrisons breeding nutrition.
Click here for breeding nutriton>>

Basic price: 100 gram =  2,37  Eur (price incl. statutory VAT excl. shipping)


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