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COUPON Parrot Cafe 14 Euro

COUPON Parrot Cafe 14 Euro

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Exclusive experience: “Admission and 10 € consumption in the Parrot Park Café" 

Find out all informations about the Parrot Park café

Experience the tameest parrots in combination with delicious, freshly baked cuisines and hot and cold drinks in the unique Parrot Park Café. Please book one coupon for each person.

Further details…



  • IMPORTANT: without an online reservation we can not guarantee a seat / table.
  • After purchase and payment registered Clients (not with guest orders) can download it tour coupon under “Your account” - without further costs - as pdf and even expressions. To receive a detailed description of the procedure please click here>>
  • Guest customers can only download the picture of the voucher and print it. There will be no shipping by e-mail or by post!.
  • This voucher is only valid in combination with the confirmation of purchase, which you will receive after ordering by e-mail. Please bring a print of the purchase and payment to the visit.
  • Note: the download of experience vouchers (eg as a gift) is possible for registered users only. If you order as a guest you can not log in to a account and therefor NOT download a coupon. In this case please bring the proof of purchase (order confirmation / invoice) on the agreed experience date.
  • The voucher does not expire and can be redeemed for years to come. If there are price increases in between, the difference must be repaid upon commencement of the experience.


>>For groups starting from 16 persons we provide you an individual experience offer. Please use our request form>>


Further hints for travelers…

A. Directions to the Parrot Park Bochum: more>>

B. Route calculation to the ParrotPark Bochum: more>>

C. Find out more about hotels Bochum: more>>
The hotel Courtyard by Marriott Bochum Stadtpark is about 10 minutes by foot away from Parrot Park Bochum

D. Find next to - around the corner (2 minutes footpath) the hotel Excelsior: more>>

E. Find very close the privat Hotel Wiesmann with with nice rooms and reasonable prices.

F. Find out more about the experience offers of the Ruhr city (with additional links) : www.initiative-ruhrstadt.de


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